The aim of this workshop is to inform the delegates about GBV and HIV/AIDS illness enabling them to recognise the stages and how they can identify any risk to themselves personally and/or use the knowledge to support a loved one and/or colleague. The workshop is presented in a non-invasive way with experienced facilitators.


Understanding HIV/Aids
How the disease operates
Practical understanding of how the disease is transmitted.

Signs and Symptoms of Aids
What to look out for

Get Tested
The practicalities and why we benefit from knowing our status.
Forgetting the shame if our role models can deal with it, so can we

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The role these play in the transmission of AIDS and their prevalence

Untrue Beliefs and Myths
Busting the myths and stigma
Confidentiality and human rights in the workplace

ABC Rule
The rule of thumb to prevent contracting HIV

Practicalities and realities
Supporting self and others
Living with HIV/AIDS and or a family member who has it.

Looking for Help
What to do and how to access help

Definition of GBV
What is the narrative all about?
Types of GBV (direct and indirect)
The difference between Gender and Sex
Understanding Socialisation and the cycle of abuse
Force, Violence and Power

Understanding The Role Substance Abuse Plays
What is substance abuse and what role does it play in Violence?
Hurt People Hurt People, the cycle of abuse.
Helplines to Access

Involving SAPS and Justice
How to successfully report a case
Roles and responsibilities of SAPS and Dept of Justice

US IDUnit Standard TitleNQF LevelCredits
13915Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of HIV/AIDS in a workplace, and its effects on a business sub-sector, own organisation, and a specific workplace34

US ID NQF Level Credits Description

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