Frontline for Security Staff


To advise and guide the learner in a practical and fun way on the finer points of reception and communication excellence. This workshop has been adapted from our Frontline Reception I workshop to address the specific requirements of security staff. This workshop addresses the need for professionalism and also creates awareness of the importance of this position for both internal and external clients, and with that awareness the need for being self-motivated and knowledge driven.


Attitude and Aptitude

How to realise our full potential. What should we expect from ourselves? An exercise in self-assessment

Understanding People

Why we relate really well to some people and simply don't understand others. A module on personality profiling and how to effectively implement the knowledge. We look at this mostly from a client's perspective.

First Impressions Last, your environment, your grooming

Understanding how you are the first link in the chain of impressions.

Body Language

How important is this form of non-verbal communication? Looking at eye contact, posture etc.

Communication Starts With the Ability to Listen

What goes wrong if we don't understand our clients? Looking at foreign languages, different types of listening, types of questions, positive speech, the 7 Cs of effective communication

The Etiquette of Meeting and Greeting

How to be an effective interface between your company and the customer, meeting and greetings concluded through role play where ever possible

The Etiquette of Telephonic Liaison

A brief look at answering calls, taking messages, and understanding the important parts of the call

Effective Communication Skills

Ensuring information is offered and received in an effective manner. Universally accepted methodologies. Dealing with difficult clients

Exceeding Expectations

Explaining the difference between good enough and best

Solidifying My Role as "Director of First Impressions"

Contacting your company must be a pleasant and satisfying experience - how to ensure this image is portrayed to your customers

What Procedures Should You Have?

Having everything at hand... Maps etc.

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