Effective Service Delivery


This workshop is designed to assist the delegate with Effective Service Delivery. Organisations that align their strategic vision to their client's needs and are then adapt their operational planning accordingly are more likely to show positive results and growth. This workshop will assist the delegate with aligning the vision and approaching their tasks from a basic project management viewpoint, lending strength to the quality, cost and time approach to service delivery. Please note: A customised version of this workshop can be aligned to the Batho Pele principles for government.


What is Service Delivery and why the Project Management Approach

Understanding service delivery and the mandate we carry from our clients/voters/constituencies

Identifying the 9 aspects of a task or project

What makes a project successful or not. The essential components of organising, managing and completing a project

Communication, Team, Risk, Time, Procurement, Cost, Quality, Customer and Scope

Detailing each aspect and ensuring full understanding of the impact each aspect has on every other

Understanding and defining scope

Without a detailed understanding of this essential aspect the whole project is doomed. Analysing deliverables, boundaries and requirements. Avoiding scope creep and clearly setting expectations

Managing the client and other parties/stakeholders

Business or Politics? It is necessary to know who the client actually is and who needs to be involved to ensure the successful completion of the project. Recognising the role that stakeholders play in scope definition

Organising the project

Structuring and planning the project with good communication and the necessary controls in place

Risk identification and analysis

Identifying and managing risk through an understanding of the risk management cycle

Task identification and analysis

Deciding on the methodology to use

Cost identification and analysis

Understanding the financial aspects and how finance for non-financial managers is possible

Creating the task lists (work to be done)

How to create these lists using measurable methods

Using standard charts and theories to plan

The importance of understanding and implementing these tools

Analysing the value of the project

Identifying the business value of the project

Monitoring and controlling the project

Quality control and how to keep abreast of this aspect

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