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Published: 29th of May 2018 by: Carolyn Kessler

I recently penned a blog asking if you would hire you as an employee in your company. I'm going to turn the tables now and ask if you would be prepared to work for someone like you?

In the soft skills training arena, it’s a sad fact that even as we see many of our delegates benefit from the courses we run, we are also acutely aware that a lot of the problems they voice during workshops, stem from poor management styles within their respective companies.

All too often, we promote people – give them the title of manager - then let them loose on our unsuspecting employees. No management or leadership training, no tools to aid self-insight, no communication skills courses – nada!!

And do we expect them to succeed? Of course we do – if they want to continue working for us that is!!

You can see where I am going with this. When you take a long, honest look at the type of culture you have engendered within your area of responsibility, are you happy with what you see?

People are the gold standard of the company. Unhappy staff = low productivity = poor service to the customer. This chain is in place whether you are prepared to acknowledge it or not. As sure as night follows day, your poor managerial skills will impact negatively on the output of your company.

Here are a few things you should ask yourself:

• Are you genuinely excited about your position and company? Disengaged managers breed disengaged employees!

• Are you passionate about providing a climate conducive to learning new things; cognisant that each person working for you is an individual and should be treated as such?

• Are you managing from a stance of trust as opposed to fear? A good way to gauge this is to note if your staff member comes straight to you or their reporting manager, as soon as they mess up, so you can fix the problem asap. In other words, are you solution or blame driven?

• You disagree with treating employees like little kids. You aren’t micro-managing them into a black hole of no self-esteem.

• Therefore, do you believe that no one gets up in the morning determined to be incompetent at work. You trust them to do their best and when problems arise you include them in finding the solution.

• Are your policies logical and fair? Are they constantly revised in order to ensure they remain relevant?

• Are your employees given in-house training on processes on a regular basis?

• Do you upskill your employees by sending them through on external training courses? Investing in their future growth.

• Are you clear about what is expected from each one of them, and open to updating or revising areas of responsibility where necessary?

• Are you transparent about the good and the bad where appropriate? Never leave them guessing and insecure – rather play open cards and include them where possible.

• Do you really get a kick out of watching your security guard rise up through the ranks to line manager as a direct result of your taking the time to recognise his qualities? You have put time into structuring a skills training plan to take him where he wants to be?

If you answered yes to most of these – you’re on the right track. Join us on our Management and Leadership workshops to gain the tools with which to realise your dreams for you and your staff. We pride ourselves on offering courses designed to bring you both cutting edge as well as tried and trusted theories with a practical and real approach. During the workshops, we run these tools against various scenarios in order for you to actually grasp their relevance.

If you answered no, we can definitely help. Our Leadership and Managerial training courses are amongst the most popular in our stable. We are excited about helping you reach your full potential and giving you the skills to ensure your staff members feel the same way. Give us a call.

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