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Published: 18th of May 2018 by: Carolyn Kessler

Social conversations generally flow round a few well-worn topics. Spouses, kids, politics, how poor service seems to be endemic in South African companies and so on; eventually taking us down the road to discussions around that activity we love to hate - work.

Once we get onto our jobs, our companies, our colleagues, the conversation all too often degenerates. It becomes a griping session about how much we hate our jobs, how our employer takes advantage of us, how dreadful the man in the next cubicle at work is because of his loud phone conversations……

Ring any bells?

According to research an overwhelming average of 70% of people are unhappy in their positions, 20% are kinda okay with their lot, and 10% love going to work.

Wow. So that means if we have 10 people at a dinner party, 7 will whinge all night about how much they dislike what they are doing, 2 will keep quiet and one lone voice will try to inject a little passion into their fellow guests.

Now understand that, though it depends very much on which survey you consult, it seems that we are far more dissatisfied with our jobs than we are excited.

So I want to ask you a question: Would you employ you?

Here are some of the qualities it’s really important for an employee to have if they are actually going to be adding value to the company:

Punctuality – this means actually starting work at a required time – not just arriving on the premises one minute before the bell goes!
Honesty – if you have a cold and tell your boss you’re dead and dying from the Spanish flu, you’re just as dishonest as the person who takes pens and paper home for their kids’ school projects.
• Speaking of school projects – if you’re spending work time completing these for your kid you are setting this poor kid up for a hard knock later in life and you’re stealing from your company. The same goes for sitting on social media sites, if this doesn’t comprise part of your work function.
Not perpetuating office politics – after all it’s the only fun part of the job – really?? A terrifying amount of productivity is lost as a direct result of the office grape vine.
Not only doing what is expected of you – choosing to exceed expectations because you have passion for the work you do. If not, rather leave and give the job to someone who will be fully engaged with the portfolio.
Loyalty – you aren’t going to be running your company down at every opportunity.
You’re transparent and open – if there’s a problem, do you possess the emotional intelligence to work together with the team to find a solution, or do you just sit back and seethe – flinging in the odd grenade from your guarded positon?
• Are you flexible and open to change?
• Are you open to learning – seek out learning opportunities wherever possible?
• Have you ever asked another colleague, whom you can see is overwhelmed, if you can do anything to help?

This list is nowhere near finished, but you get the picture.

Before you bemoan your dreadful position, take a look in the mirror and honestly answer whether or not you are adding value to your workplace.

If the answer is no – you have some hard decisions to make! Identify where you lack the skill and call us for advice on which of our courses is most likely to benefit you.

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