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Published: 28th of Aug 2020 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

So you might already know this, but we're huge fans of the Enneagram... I mean obviously, right? We offer more than one Enneagram-based workshop, depending on your team-, leadership- or self-mastery goals.

But what is the Enneagram?

In short, the Enneagram is a sense-making tool that helps us to understand ourselves and allows us to develop to our best potential. It divides personalities into nine groups, 18 wings, three sub-types, and three instincts.

It should be noted that the Enneagram is an open system that does not "box people in" but is rather a journey of self-discovery.

The Enneagram is a type of personality profile differing from others in that it offers insight into an individual's core gifts, motivations, fears and defense mechanisms.

Are you a 1?

You have a high work ethic, like things to be done the right way, and have a little voice in your head constantly driving you to do more and work harder? Can be highly critical of self and others and find it very difficult to take time off from work, but when you do allow yourself some fun you really get into it? Can have a surprising and explosive anger.. and then feel bad for losing control? A deep knowledge of what perfection can look like and you are sometimes surprised that others cannot see that?

You could possibly be a 1 - The Strict Perfectionist on the Enneagram

Are you a 2?

You are mostly kind and giving, but get a bit resentful when taken advantage of? Very aware of what you give out, you should get back? Find it uncomfortable to go into conflict, but when pushed to the limits your anger shows up as irritability, or even an emotional rage! Often find that you spend your time helping others and by the end of the day you have not yet done anything you had planned for yourself? You have a deep knowledge that love fixes all and you are surprised that others can sometimes not see that?

You could possibly be a 2 - The Considerate Helper

Are you a 3?

You are quite competitive whether for yourself or for your team and very aware of who the important people in the room are. You find yourself spending time scanning those around you to ensure that you can put the best foot forward? Highly task driven, you sometimes work yourself to the bone to ensure successful completion of the (or the many) projects you take on. You are well able to deny your emotions to ensure the task gets carried out - after all achievers must do what it takes!

You could possibly be a 3- The Competitive Achiever.

Are you a 4?

You are highly empathetic easily tapping into the pain of the world. You look for authenticity and passionate intensity in people; you are drawn to creativity. You often bring a unique perspective to a situation and when you are feeling strong, you are able to hold others together just by being with them. You sometimes see intense beauty in the smallest of things and likewise you have the ability to sometimes be a bit dramatic. The mundane really bores you, as in more than it does anyone else.

You could possibly be a 4 - The Unique Creative

Are you a 5?

You are definitely knowledge driven and need personal space, lots of it, to make sense of the world. You sometimes even avoid people because the emotional energy socializing demands is just too much. Generally quiet by nature, when the topic of conversation is one you are interested in you can become really chatty. You tend to have quite an objective view of the world and can be quite literal in your understanding of things.

You could possibly be a 5 - The Quiet Specialist

Are you a 6?

Definitely more task than people orientated, you are very risk aware. You tend to be highly analytical and find it difficult to trust people who don't put sufficient thought into a process. You are highly collaborative with those you trust and will seek out their input. Once you know the way forward you tend to get immersed in the task and can complete it really quickly and well. Loyalty is very important to you and uncertainty simply does not sit well.

You could possibly be a 6 - The Loyal Sceptic.

Are you a 7?

Very positive and optimistic by nature, you tend to get bored with routine. After all, there is so much to do and experience! You are very forward focused and your attention is often on the next task whilst busy with the current one. Organisation and attention to detail is not your strong point - you are much more of a big picture thinker, a visionary as such. You have a knack of creating fun where there is none and you dislike dwelling in pain and negativity.

You could possibly be a 7 - The Enthusiastic Visionary

Are you an 8?

Highly capable, you often take the lead in situations. Being in charge comes naturally to you and you struggle to see how people can see things going wrong and not step in and fix them. You really dislike injustice and you often fight for the underdog, but at some point they need to help themselves otherwise you stop. With your strong energy and large heart, you sometimes feel you can change the world. Others often misunderstand your straight talking manner, but you often just let that go.

You could possibly be an 8 - The Active Controller on the Enneagram

Are you a 9?

You have a knack of understanding varying points of view and finding a peaceful path through a maze of potential conflict. You have a need for emotional equilibrium, a comfortable rhythm of life. Others are often drawn to your peaceful energy and you need time (often in nature) to simply regroup and be. It can take you a long time to start something but once you get going you will continue to do so, often for way longer than is even necessary. You seldom show your anger.

You could possibly be a 9 - The Peaceful Mediator on the Enneagram

But don't guess. Why not take the test and see? If you need more information on this powerful self-mastery tool used extensively in leadership and team development, then don't hesitate to ask. We are extremely passionate about it and always ready to assist!

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@Debbie Engelbrecht is the MD at Staff Training. Staff Training is a leadership and soft skills development company. With workshops including emotional intelligence, personal mastery, tools such as the Enneagram and highly trained and experienced facilitators Staff Training are able to assist you with your change management initiatives. Call 0861 996 660.

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