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Published: 4th of Dec 2020 by: Shona Potgieter

Productivity is often something that comes and goes, like motivation. You can’t expect to always feel motivated, just like you won't always feel productive. With regards to motivation, there’s a clever anecdote that says just like baths, it won't last- that's why it's recommend it daily.

So what can we do to help us achieve daily productivity?

Well, first of all, we need to stop procrastinating... Yeah, we're all a little guilty of doing it. But let's face it, there will always be something on the day's agenda that we won't really want to do... Whether it be the dishes, work admin or even going to the gym.

During one of my own procrastination sessions, I was scrolling through Pinterest and I came across something called The Top Five Method (A productivity approach inspired by an article from entrepreneur Sean Ogle of Location Rebel)

Have you heard of it?

It's quite simple, easy to do and actually a really good way to ensure you have a sense of productivity from the get-go. This approach is perfect for those who procrastinate because they're unsure of what needs to happen or what to do next.

The Top Five Method:

Start the night before and make a to-do list of 5 items for the next day.

1. First item should be something easy/fun
"When you cross this item off early in the day, you'll build momentum and feel like crossing off more"

2. Second item should be the hardest/least fun
"Do this first and it will be tough to gain momentum. Put it off too long and you'll lack the energy/motivation to do it"

3. Next should be the second hardest thing to do
"Use the momentum to get through the tough stuff early"

4. Now add something that HAS to get done
"It gets easier from here"

5. Your last item should be something fun/nice/you enjoy doing
"By ending with something positive, you're adding extra motivation to get your work done. Plus, this serves as a nice reward for your efforts"

So if I had to create my own as an example:

1. Have coffee on the balcony and listen to a podcast
2. Create content for all the social media pages I manage
3. Write a blog
4. Do a load of washing
5. Take the dogs for a walk on the beach

Now I obviously realise that most of the times we might have more to do than just the 5 items we listed... So you could create a few sub-tasks under your headings, such as:

2. Create content for all the social media pages I manage:
- Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter
- Staff Training: Leadership training
- Start Me Strong: #TipTuesday
- Staff Protect: New products

Does that make sense? It's quite easy to make this method fit your day...

The great thing is that you now get to wake up knowing what needs to happen and you can get to work!

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