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Published: 5th of Sep 2022 by: Shona Potgieter

Whether it be at work or in your personal life, you may be faced with situations that require you to trust the process. And let's face it, this can be challenging...

It is especially challenging when it comes to things that matter to us. A project at work, planning a baby shower or having a wedding dress made...

But trusting the process means we stop obsessing over (and expecting) instant perfection, because this might just drive us crazy and stress us out even more. Instead, we should trust that our vision and the hard work that accompanies it will ensure a successful end result.

Now you might think that the example of having a wedding dress made is an oddly specific example. You would be right, it is oddly specific, because it is a real life situation I currently find myself in... I am getting married this month and made the decision a few months back to have my dream dress made. Never have I been asked to trust the process quite so much!

But, it inspired me to write this blog because I feel it is something you might be able to relate to, even if it is in a different context...

I think is the most important thing to remember when it comes to trusting the process:

Communication is key. No matter what the situation, there is most likely some form of collaboration and collaboration requires communication! For example, if I do not like something on my dress- I have to communicate it, because how else can she fix it? If I want to change the sleeves, I must communicate it so that we can change it while there is still time. But I know so many of us are afraid of upsetting someone, so we rather stay quiet... No, something I've learnt during all of this is that it is far better for all party's involved if everyone keeps the lines of communication open.

Communication can also take the form of asking questions... If you're like me, you might be worried about either bothering someone or possibly upsetting them...
"I don't want them to think I don't trust them or..." Sound familiar?

Don't stay quiet for the sake of other people, if you're stressing about something then rather ask and get your answer. The answer to your question might just be what you needed to hear to stop stressing, or to make you re-evaluate where needed... This could also help the person on the other end of the question help you better. Help them help you- by communicating!

This brings me to another important point, something I feel so many of us need to be reminded of...

Be assertive! Do not shy away or silence yourself in the hope of pleasing everyone else around you. Be assertive with your wants and needs. It is important to note that you can be assertive while still being kind and respectful...

Remember, whatever your situation that is stressing you out, it is a process. It can be difficult to envision the end result when you're looking at the first layer of an uncompleted dress. So communicate your way through it- it truly is the only way to get through it with the least amount of tears!

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