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Published: 14th of Jun 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

You don’t get difficult clients - you get disappointed clients, ones who are used to companies over promising and under delivering.

Often the thing that draws us to our jobs, that gives us our most satisfaction, is the very thing that drives us to distraction. Can you guess what that is?? People!! They’re never satisfied, they’re all emotional, and they blame you when things go wrong……

If you love dealing with people (and in a frontline position this is essential), then chances are high that your biggest headaches come from trying to communicate effectively with difficult people.

First and foremost – you have to understand that your scariest clients, the “Shout and Demand” client, are actually the easiest ones with whom to work with. They come forward and tell you what’s wrong - in fact they’re doing your job for you by providing feedback when they’re not happy. Now you know what their problem is, you can fix it.

The client who never demands, who always seems happy with everything. Even though you know you’re taking advantage of her easy going nature, by giving her less timeous service than you do the demanding client. She is your worst nightmare. You see Mrs Nice Client is unlikely to tell you when she’s had enough of being overlooked – she doesn’t want to upset you. She’ll keep quiet and simply take her business somewhere else. When you phone her to find out why her account has gone quiet, she’ll put you off by saying that they just haven’t been so busy.

The detail orientated client will want you to spell out each and every step, which drives you nuts, but you’ll be making a mistake if you let him see your impatience. You see Mr Detail Oriented Client is willing to entrust his business to you only so long as you involve him in the whole process. If you listen carefully, he’ll quite possibly point out one or two ways of doing things more efficiently. Don’t take offense – once again you have someone who’s doing your job for you!

The “Can’t Make up My Mind” client allows you to come forward with suggestions and really tests your knowledge – what a pleasure. Give her all the information she requires, try to steer her in the right direction, but never steam role her. Never!

The “Chatty” client – he’ll launch into a really funny story as soon as he has you on the phone. He will keep you busy for ages before he even gets round to giving you his problem. He is uber friendly, funny and seems to have all the time in the world. Because he is so friendly, you could make the fatal mistake of ignoring what he’s saying – he says it so nicely, it’s easy to overlook how serious he is. Big problem – take him seriously – the chattiness is just his way of communicating, it’s no indication that he isn’t really frustrated.

The “Nagging” client – this person is anxious that you aren’t going to give him good service – he thinks you’re going to be like so many other companies out there that don’t put the customer first. He needs to be able to trust you with his business and it’s your job to make sure you set his mind at rest - every time he phones. Impatience will frighten him right over to your competitor!

These are but a few of the difficult clients we deal with on a daily basis and it is the reason our Frontline Reception and Customer Care courses are so popular. To be effective you absolutely must learn to adapt your approach in each situation, whilst remaining professional and solutions based every time. Our half day course, How to Deal with Difficult Clients, is also very popular.

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