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Published: 18th of May 2017 by: Debbie Engelbrecht CEO

We’ve seen it again and again. The HR departments that get the best results from their skills training do almost all of the following:

1. Collaborate training with the necessary department heads and, where necessary, with training committees.

2. Have an agreement with the individual being sent on skills training. The individual should be made aware that training is the growth path necessary for them and should understand why the company needs these skills to be developed.

3. Identify the dates for the training early in the year and prioritise them. Operational demands will always be there so if the time spent on skills training is seen as an optional extra then it will be treated as one – this is core!

4. Work with a company that gives the delegate a few post workshop options and insist on accountability and sustainability through a KPI tool check. For example, Staff Training online KPI checks where the delegate identifies which part of the learning most applies to them, and can then identify situations and behaviours that were addressed regarding to their training learnt. This leads to a sustainable behaviour change.

This approach takes the training from needs identification to fruition simply and effectively.

The alternative is normally quite a nightmare for HR as sourcing of providers needs to be completed again and again. Procurement processes are halted at inconvenient times because of operational requirements and before you know it, your skills year has ended and your budget has not been spent.

Measuring ROI on skills training can only be done if the measurement criteria are set in advance. Especially with soft skills training, this often needs to be done quite creatively. A simple no-nonsense approach, as in the one outlined above, allows for this measurement both before and after training – key to a training budget well spent.

© Debbie Engelbrecht is the MD at Staff Training. Staff Training is a leadership and soft skills development company. With workshops including emotional intelligence, personal mastery, tools such as the Enneagram and highly trained and experienced facilitators Staff Training are able to assist you with your change management initiatives. Call 0861 996 660.

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