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Published: 4th of Sep 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Recently, I experienced a difficult life event with the death of my father-in-law. It wasn’t tragic as he was ninety-five, but it caused a huge amount of upheaval with family coming from overseas, etc.

I’m writing about it not to garner sympathy – but rather to highlight the importance of team work. The pinnacle of team work is the knowledge that your fellow team members won’t hesitate to pick up the ball when you’ve dropped it. Irrespective of the reason you missed the catch, for example during times of personal stress.

It would be logical for you to assume that since we train on these issues, our company would have this all sorted. And I’m pleased to say that you’d be right. Sure, the training gives us a leg up – we don’t lack insight into the machinations of teamwork. We also have a solid working knowledge of the tools which will most benefit us in a given situation. So yes, essentially we are a healthy team. That doesn’t mean we don’t face challenges because teams are dynamic entities. Peaks and valleys are intrinsic to growth.

I do, however, want to highlight the humanity behind team work. The theory, knowledge, practise, tools and so on combine wonderfully when they are employed. But without the most vital of all human attributes, basic kindness, you’re simply going through the motions.

I really appreciated the WhatsApp messages checking on how things were. The phone calls where I could debrief with someone who wasn’t involved in the whirlwind two weeks that sucked up all my energy. These are the actions that sow into the long term sustainability of a healthy team.

It’s my experience that good team work comprises three things, without which failure is a likely outcome. They are:

Insight – A sound understanding of the dynamics of team work.
Tools – Team members need to be fully conversant with the available tools and knowledge of which tools to use in order to effectively navigate the inevitable ‘bumps’ along the way. Without well-honed skills, you could miss the opportunity to leverage the rough patches into healthy growth.
Outstanding communication skills. By far, the biggest issue I come across in the majority of organisations is that of poor communication.

To gain proficiency in these areas, we need training. Most of this stuff doesn’t come naturally. This is where we can help you. Visit our Staff Training web page. Call our office. We’ll help you assess your training needs and identify which of our courses is most likely to get your team on the road to success.

Staff Training is a soft skills training provider. Contact us at 0861 996 660.

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