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Published: 29th of Nov 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

We’ve arrived at that time of year. You know, the time when we suddenly wake up to all the things we’ve been procrastinating with and realise that time has actually run out!

We are forced to reschedule things for completion in the New Year, which is now just round the corner.

As a training provider we are affected, positively I might add because organisations suddenly realise they haven’t scheduled staff development owing to any number of issues. It becomes a priority to spend the budget allocated for this immensely important area of operations before it’s lost.

Obviously, we are motivated to provide a service to the numerous companies with whom we work, but it can become a logistical nightmare to schedule all the last minute requests.

Whilst I’m certainly not moaning, I feel compelled to analyse why this invariably happens at the end of each year. There’s a saying which goes something like: “Lack of planning in your department doesn’t constitute an emergency in mine!”

This obviously isn’t an attitude we assume, but prioritising the upskilling of employees is an essential part of good governance. There are organisations which place this low down on their list of priorities - always to their own detriment.

I fully understand that life tends to take over and it never seems to be a good time to schedule the absence of a key employee on a training workshop. What organisations tend to overlook in this regard is the fact that time spent on training allows the employee a chance to re-charge their batteries. This needs to happen regularly throughout the year, not in one highly concentrated grouping in a rushed fashion.

Investing in employees is essential if you want to promote engagement and, believe me, you really do want to focus on this phenomenon. There is a direct and measurable cost to company when you’re barely functioning with disengaged managers and employees.

Training gives staff a forum in which it assesses their effectiveness, analyses their goals and provides the impetus to move forward with purpose and energy.

So, thank you to all our many clients, we love working with your staff. However, where possible, pace their training to take place regularly, throughout the year rather than in a hurried last minute bunching!

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