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Published: 11th of Mar 2022 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

A few years ago the buzzword was VUCA. We want VUCA leaders, we want a VUCA programme, VUCA us please! Today we so seldom hear or see the acronym at all. The reality is that we are living it. We are slap bang on planet VUCA and it is darn uncomfortable.

For those who missed it entirely... VUCA is an acronym for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. Quick Question... Do these words resemble anything you know? Or everything?

Most of us are doing triple back flips with a twist in there somewhere and we are not always landing on our feet. In fact, many of us are now extremely comfortable with the all too familiar crash landing, rising to some slow progress on occasion and on really good days to a slightly accelerated limp.

The current macro economic influences on a country that was already in trouble pre 2020 and that had already been downgraded to a risky investment at best, are simply going to be near to impossible to overcome. Unless of course your leaders were preparing themselves years ago.

Having said all of that, it is imperative to know that South Africans are resourceful and we are already used to fending for ourselves in times of trouble. So here is a word of advice. No person can operate as an island. Now is the time to ensure that your leaders and with this I mean, team leaders, supervisors, middle managers and senior leaders are fully equipped with all possible tools to be just that little bit more resourceful than your competitors.

And the way to ensure that is through education. So, the question is not "can you afford to send your leaders on skills training?", the question is "can you afford not to?"

Digging deep for appropriate responses is most probably going to take up a lot of our time this year. It's being able to find the appropriate response timeously that is going to be what pulls us through.

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© Debbie Engelbrecht 2022

Debbie is the MD at Staff Training, providing soft skills and leadership training for South Africans since 2000. Should you wish for Staff Training to put together an annual training package for you covering aspects of management, wellness and self-mastery, in touch with us today! 0861 996 660 or

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