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Published: 1st of Oct 2020 by: Shona Potgieter

Some days it feels like an uphill battle to get up and get going. But what if there is a way you can be more productive?

Well there is! Below I've listed three of my favourite tips to help you have a productive day:

1. Plan your day

This sounds obvious, but how many of us actually plan our day? It's one thing to know what needs to happen and get done, but it's another actually sitting down and planning it. I've honestly found that taking the time at the end of a day and planning the next, has helped me wake up that day with a bit more purpose and left me feeling more accomplished after a day's work.

2. Stop mindlessly scrolling through Social Media

Look, I get it. Social Media has actually become a huge part of our daily lives and I think we're all guilty of getting stuck in the black hole of scrolling and scrolling and scrolling to the end of the earth (OK, WOW that was a tad dramatic). There is nothing wrong with checking your Social Media, but the problem comes in when start getting distracted by it. It is a time-waster and productivity killer. By all means, scroll your heart out during your tea-time and breaks, but let's try to minimise the distractions while we're actively working on our to-do list.

3. Remember to take a few body- and mind breaks!

Does this sound like the opposite of what we should be doing if we want to be productive? Well, actually it contributes to your productivity. I've been through this battle with myself so many times, just crunching through the to-do list like a champion until I get stuck with a design. Spending so much time on it and just not getting it right, that's when frustration kicks in. Forcing myself to step away from it for five minutes and just take a breather, get some fresh air and stretch my legs a bit is usually what helps me come back with a new spark of creativity or refreshed perspective.

In conclusion, remember that productivity isn't just about getting as much done as possible. It's about being mindful of how you spend your time and effectively completing those tasks... Let us know if you try these tips and please feel free to add to this list, we'd love to hear from you!

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