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Published: 18th of Sep 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

It’s a fact that these days, a university qualification does not guarantee you a job.

Our millennial generation has been cited as the most highly educated group of young people to move into the market place. This is good. In fact, it’s wonderful but only if their qualifications are those which the market requires.

We are still churning out degrees that have no actual skill basis to them. They encompass studying a variety of very interesting, but totally useless subjects. None of which is relevant to the work place.

I understand that education for education sake is, by society’s reckoning, the pinnacle of self-actualisation. But how many of us can actually afford to live as a perpetual student? And of those who find themselves in this fortunate position, how many are actually self-supporting and how many are living off their parents or study loans?

I’d hazard that those who had to become truly independent once they attained their degree would have thought long and hard as to how this piece of parchment would facilitate that goal.

I’m really not knocking the pursuit of knowledge. Truly, that’s not my intention. I’m simply asking students to expand their career choices to include the plethora of jobs out there. Careers for which university is not the arena in which the relevant skills will be developed.

This was really brought home to me when a delegate stated that her 9 year old son was going to be a doctor - despite his obvious obsession with cars and how they worked. He was already spending the majority of his spare time helping his dad work on customers’ vehicles in the garage of their small home-based business.

She was extremely proud of the fact that her husband had developed a flourishing business as a mechanic. She loved the fact that he loved his job. He had become so busy that he’d soon have to move into premises and employ extra personnel. All this from a man who had had serious learning difficulties at school!

It would appear that her dream for her son wasn’t gaining traction – he much preferred physical work – and his natural aptitude bore this out.

How many parents relate to wanting to live out their dreams vicariously through their children’s achievements? Somewhat sheepishly, I have to stick my hand up. I’m just eternally grateful that my kids refused to follow the carefully laid out paths I’d created for them.

There’s an enormous demand for tradesmen in the world. My brother, a precision machinist, had his pick of countries to which he could emigrate. My husband, an attorney, is sadly not in demand anywhere except here. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

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