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Published: 28th of Oct 2022 by: Staff Writer

"The biggest mistake is believing there is one right way to listen, to talk, to have a conversation - or a relationship." ~ Deborah Tannen

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We run a lot if Diversity workshops, both inhouse (at the customer's premises) and at our own venue. In our experience there is a growing awareness around the need to not only overcome prejudicial thinking within teams, but to actively celebrate and thus leverage the diversity therein.

Leveraging diversity involves creating a forum where team members are encouraged - and challenged - to create self-awareness around preconceived notions.

Everyone is entitled to be treated equal, but luckily not everyone is the same.

Ignoring our differences does not constitute internalising acceptance of them; rather it highlights our avoidance of them. Celebrating our differences and capitalising on their potential to enrich our team dynamic is more than okay - it's mandatory!! Noting the presence of- and working actively to harness the resource of diversity in others is a clever, clever strategy. It's also highly ethical, benefiting both the individual and the company.

We spend so much time pretending that, (for example) despite the fact I'm a 55 year old, white female and you're a recently graduated, coloured male of 26, we're both exactly the same. Whew, what a stupid and insincere approach. We're both going to lose out big time!

You'll lose out on the benefit of my life experience. I'm going to lose out on the benefit of harnessing your fresh, new approach to situations. In essence, we're going to dance around each other, rather than identify and build on the very real resource that actually comprises our different focusses, priorities, approaches, and so much more - the very fact that we are different is a blessing, not a curse!

Is the diversity within your company working to your advantage, or is miscommunication and the resultant resentment killing productivity?

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