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Published: 27th of May 2022 by: Staff Writer

Body language plays an important role when it comes to communication. It's not always what you say, but how you say it...

A large percentage of communication is non-verbal, this can include facial expressions, body posture, gestures and eye movement. Fact is, we often don't even realise what messages we are sending out with our body language or how we are perceived by others!

Your body language can quite easily give away what's going on in your mind or how you're feeling.

Feeling insecure, nervous or worried? Your body will show it.

Feeling confident, happy, comfortable? Your body will portray this.

Don't like someone? Watch out, your body language might give you away!

But how can paying attention to our body language benefit us in the workplace?

Let's use the following example...
You have a presentation coming up at work, you're nervous. Would you rather:

1. Have your nerves show all over your body and face. Hands trembling, shaky voice, sweating, stiff posture, the works...

2. Come across as cool, calm and confident.

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling nervous in this situation, it can make the whole process that much more difficult and stressful for you.

Another example:

You have a job interview coming up. Once again, it's quite normal and understandable to be nervous in this situation. But that's not necessarily what you want to portray in your interview...

We can help!

Let's look at 6 powerful body-language tips to instantly help you be more confident and approachable.

Pay attention to posture. Make sure your shoulders are back and chest is open, this portrays confidence. Hunched shoulders could make you seem bored or insecure.

Practise smiling more often. Smiling makes you more trustworthy, open and approachable.

Don't forget about your arms. Crossing your arms can make you seem unapproachable, closed off and even disinterested.

Stop fidgeting! This immediately portrays a lack of confidence.

Maintain positive eye contact. A lack of eye contact during a conversation can seem dishonest, or insecure. When you make eye contact with your peers you immediately seem more confident; and it's also a great way of showing others that you are listening and paying attention.

Gestures. It can look quite unnatural to have your arms merely hanging at the side of your body while communicating, and you won't just look unnatural and uncomfortable- you'll look it! Use your hands while speaking, be engaged with the conversation and your body.

So, the next time you walk into the office, have a presentation, meeting or even while communicating with a customer- pay attention to your body language and vice versa! What kind of body language cues can you pick up from the people you are communicating with?

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