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Published: 10th of May 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

It's coming up to Mother's Day which has got me thinking about all the pressures mums, both working and stay-at-home, face on a daily basis.

As a facilitator I mostly meet working mums, but having been both in my previous life, I can relate in some part to the universal belief that most women harbour: We’re letting our kids down and need to try harder to emulate those superwomen foisted on us by glossy magazines! Rubbish! Not a particularly professional word, but it says it all!

When we settle round the table for tea or lunch at our workshops, it is inevitable that at least one hardworking mom will reach out to the group in an attempt to find out if it’s only she who is falling short of the unattainable bar set by society.

I’m always heartened to listen as other moms are quick to join in the conversation surrounding how to balance work and home life and still feel good enough at both. I don’t detect judgement, I detect supportive empathy. I really wish life fostered this state of being, rather than pitting individuals against each other in the race to finish first as the woman who has it all!

I was really blessed to have received revelatory counsel from a much older and wiser woman than myself when my girls were little. Her words of advice were: “Please give your children the gift of healthy neglect. Whether you are working or not, make sure they see you prioritise taking care of yourself within the context of your numerous other roles.”

Obviously she wasn’t advocating overall neglect; she was pointing out that we are not and should never strive to be superwoman. It’s an unhealthy behaviour pattern to model for our children, who do not benefit from our constant helicopter parenting approach. She reiterated that we had simply to be good enough mothers for our kids to thrive – in fact she actually pitied the child who has a perfect mother – what a burden to bear!

Our course, Empowering Women in the Workplace, was born out of an innate understanding of the challenges experienced by women who are constantly juggling the work/home/kids, life balance.

Join Staff Training in Cape Town on 19 May as we present our one-day course Empowering Women in the Workplace. Bookings essential. Contact 0861 996 660 for more info or drop us an email.

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