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Published: 3rd of Mar 2023 by: Shona Potgieter

Believe it or not, but March is here and so is another month of amazing training and development opportunities...

How are you feeling heading into this new month? We see so many taglines associated with March, usually of the "March Madness" variety. And while we completely understand, we want to challenge you today to see how you can turn that "madness" into *Motivation*!

First, we need to identify our goals for the month.
Second, it's time to dive deep and see if we can identify opportunities for training.

Now you might ask, how does training fit into achieving our goals? The answer can be explained using 4 quick examples:

1. Your goal might be to increase sales and your customer base.
How does training fit in?
Upskilling your organization's customer service skills will lead to happier customers, more effective service delivery and more sales. Do we even have to mention that happy customers are you best method of marketing?

2. Let's say your goal is to improve teamwork and the smooth running of operations.
How does training fit in?
We offer a team development workshop which is aimed at ensuring your team communicates effectively, that they're able to work together productively and business procedures are enhanced. Not to mention the improvement in conflict prevention and resolution...

3. Maybe your goal is to develop your management skills and become a better/stronger manager.
How does training fit in?
Great managers are trained managers! And this doesn't just apply to new managers, even the most seasoned manager can still grow and improve their skills. The management training courses we offer will help you lead your team effectively, understand how to manage change and be able to analyse the full functionality of your company or department.

4. You really struggle to say no and set boundaries, so you want to improve your personal communication skills.
How does training fit in?
It's time to develop your assertiveness - being assertive means that you make yourself heard and that you communicate well.

We encourage and invite you to maintain a growth-mindset as this month unfolds. We have faced and continue to face many obstacles in our personal and working environments, ensure you and your team are equipped and empowered to "March" on and work to your full potential...

View our training calendar to plan and book your March training and development, now is the time to say yes to #MarchMotivation!

Staff Training is a South African soft skills training provider with more than 60 workshops on offer.

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