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Published: 31st of Aug 2023 by: Shona Beukes

Don't be afraid to look back, sometimes it is necessary to learn from the past, or take a moment to see how far we've come. It can serve as a good reminder of what you are capable of...

I read a quote the other day that said we should all remember when going through tough times, that we have been through difficult times before, we have faced challenges and thus far we have a 100% success rate of getting through it. We are capable of more than we realise, we are more resilient than we give ourselves credit for...

As a society we have become fueled by the concept of always moving forward, which in its own right can be a good thing, but I do think it is important to note that looking back every now and then isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Of course, it is important that we don't get/stay stuck in the past, instead we should use it as a tool to help move us forward!


When we look back and reflect, we are also making great use of a learning opportunity. Reflecting helps us learn from the past. It also helps identify and progress values, goals and objectives. As well as helping us to be more purposeful with our time and energy...

Today I would like to invite you to take a moment and look back on the past year. Think about every challenge and opportunity that 2023 has presented to you so far, every obstacle that seemed impossible to overcome and look at where you are now. Even if your "now" isn't the future you envisioned, take a moment to reflect on what you have accomplished and feel proud. You did it, kid!

It's important that we become comfortable with this idea, because when we make reflection a habit we can use it to:
- Increase awareness of our progress
- Identify opportunities
- Structure effective future plans/actions
- Develop skills and review their effectiveness

And one of the most important reasons why reflecting is beneficial: It allows our minds to pause amidst the "chaos" that is often everyday life.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself or even your team to reflect on:
- What are 3 things that went well today?
- What made you feel happy/frustrated?
- What was your biggest challenge this week and how did you overcome it?
- Am I making the most of my time and energy?
- What can I do tomorrow/ next week to get me closer to my goals?

As we head into the final stretch of 2023, remember that success is determined by our daily choices and habits, so make sure you set yourself and your team up for success.

"Reflective thinking turns experience into insight."
- John C. Maxwell.

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