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Published: 14th of Feb 2017 by: Debbie Engelbrecht CEO

I really dislike it when things are not simple.

For example at the Fast Food outlets, you can buy burgers or burgers and fries or burger, fries and cooldrink and then you can upsize any of them.

So all of this sounds easy enough, but which is the more cost effective? You see we don’t drink fizzy cooldrinks, so is it cheaper to get the full meal and donate the cooldrink to someone else or is it cheaper to simply order the burgers and one large fries separately, as opposed to two burgers and fries - and so the permutations increase.

Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I need to accept at face value what others tell me. This reminds me of an adage I read once: I have many problems and some of them even come true!

With all the Fake News stories and all the sifting we have to do to understand what is real and what is not, I often end up purchasing at the first person who gives me a simple solution. On the other hand I also walk away if the solution is not simple enough.

In my opinion keeping it simple is one of the core concepts of good customer care. What do you think?

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