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Published: 24th of Jan 2008 by: (C) Debbie Engelbrecht 23rd January 2008

How do we sustain motivation levels? How do we get our staff to implement what they have been taught? These questions are asked of training providers on a daily basis. Make it STICK!

Bottom line is that the training providers can and do provide the tools for the delegates. We can also provide the motivation and confidence for that learner to walk away and have the courage to implement new ideas. But motivation is like showering. You need to do it often for it to have an affect on your life.

How do we thus encourage this culture of ongoing learning, improvement and motivation?

8 simple steps to STICKABILITY!

1. Ensure that the entire work force is on the same track regarding excellence
2. Encourage colleagues to mention and reward excellence when spotted in others
3. Get your learners to share their training experience with all their colleagues
4. Make sure your delegate rates the workshop content and commits to implementing specifics
5. Have a method of follow up for implementation
6. Ensure that the upline are all aware of the training and do not dismiss new ideas willynilly
7. Plan a follow up course for the learner, only rewarded if goals in no.5 are met.
8. Make sure that the company goal for the learner matches the learner's goal for the learner!

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Debbie Engelbrecht 23rd January 2008

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