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Published: 24th of Apr 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

Electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. seem to ever increasingly take control of our lives.

In fact, it’s not ‘seem to’ – a large percentage of us are utterly dependent on these devices – checking messages, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and myriad other social media sites. Don’t get me wrong, I love the instant connectivity my electronic gizmos provide. I do, however, have to own up to checking Facebook every night before I go to sleep, just in case something new or interesting has come across my news feed!

That, in and of itself, isn’t such a problem – the problem comes in when I am still on Facebook half an hour later!

Managing this waterfall of information is a huge challenge. My Luddite husband constantly likens the internet to someone holding a thimble beneath a waterfall! Although I don’t admit it to him, I am often overwhelmed at the amount of information available – it can be all-consuming.

On our Stress and Time Management courses we specifically identify the time thieves in our lives.

For example, having your email set to pop up on your screen every time a new message is received can be a huge time waster. Consider - you’re focussed on a document and your email notification keeps popping up - immediately you have lost concentration. If you decide to open it, it takes a couple of minutes to change gears, deal with the email and then re-focus on what you were doing. In fact, it’s estimated that it could take up to 12 minutes to complete this operation, of which only two or three were actually spent answering the email. The rest is all unproductive time spent re-focussing our mind.

We really to need to be aware of how this 24/7 connectivity disrupts our lives. We can and should set boundaries regarding when we will take cell phone calls – having a mobile phone does not mean we are going to be available/on call every minute of every day. The same concept applies to emailing, Skype and so on.

Identify your priorities and don’t let the time thieves throw you off course.

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