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Published: 4th of Jul 2019 by: Carolyn Kessler

Companies are becoming more and more aware that an untrained sales person is a serious liability. The ability to sell is a learnt and extremely valuable skill. No matter how personable your representative comes across as being, if they don’t understand the process, they are doomed to be mediocre or fail completely.

In the process they will alienate clients and kill potential business before they're out of the starting gate.

In truth this topic is way too complex to whittle down and fit into a quick blog. It's much easier for me to tell you what the The Ultimate Sales Approach isn’t, in the few minutes we have together here.

• It's not learning a killer script off by heart then regurgitating it onto the prospective client’s desk as soon as you get the chance.
• It's not opening with a huge amount of detail about who you are and what makes you special.
• It definitely is not you doing all the talking and asking no questions.
• It's definitely not about you shining your credentials for ten minutes before you find out exactly what the customer is looking for.
• It's not about 'do or die'….or 'drive by' sales as I like to call it. You know, the attitude of getting in, getting the sale and getting out as soon as possible.
• It's not about expecting to form a long lasting relationship with one call or visit.
• It's not about forgetting about the customer once the sale is concluded.
• In fact, it’s not about 'sales'.

The last point bears elaboration. By now you are probably getting the picture that selling is about forming relationships and building on those, which is why I say it’s not about ‘sales’. It’s actually all about effective communication, pure and simple. It takes skill and it takes time. And it takes a professional – something no one can be without proper training and experience.

In many peoples' heads, selling is about brow-beating and manipulating the customer into buying. Because of this unfortunately well-earned stereotype, customers have an inbuilt resistance to being treated like idiots. And you’re doing just that if you go into it with the sole purpose of getting them to buy your product or service, without first establishing their unique needs.

Too often we are so eager to convince the other person that they should purchase what we have, we're talking past them. We haven't established exactly how or if we can add value to their organisation. Without this essential step in the process being covered carefully through listening and asking pertinent questions, your sales approach is just hit and miss – mostly miss.

We have a dynamic and extremely thorough workshop, The Ultimate Sales Approach, which definitely is not to be missed!
Can you afford to not train your sales team?

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