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Published: 17th of Mar 2020 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

I firmly believe that we are doing the right thing as a country by isolating and cutting down on major events and gatherings. Keep on with the hygiene, avoid touching your face and be aware at all times of your proximity to others. If you are high risk and have come into contact with someone who is high risk, do the right thing and self-isolate until you have been tested. BUT none of this is new to you at this stage.

What may be helpful now is a strategy on how to keep the economy going with the current limitations we have.

Here are 3 quick suggestions:

1. Encouraging personnel to work from home

In certain industries this is very possible and to be encouraged as far as possible for a number of reasons. Of course safety of personnel during this time is a big reason, but not the least of which is the easing of the transport cost burden on the personnel, freeing up spending in other areas.

There will also be a spinoff for employers on infrastructure cost saving such as water and electricity and other consumables.

It is also an incredibly valuable exercise to do for business owners with reference to productivity levels. There are numerous arguments made regarding the increase of productivity and shorter hours worked. To evaluate this though, employers will need to have a plan and structure in place. Now may be the time to research and investigate this and possibly exit the Corona lock down period a much stronger and more cohesive and productive team.

2. Use the next few days to increase the planning and critical thinking in your organisation.

At the moment one of the biggest challenges we find in middle management is that there is very little planning taking place, mostly middle managers are running around retro actively trying to put out fires.

What if you use this time to plan and prepare not for tomorrow or next week, but for May and June and even way into December?

The spinoffs could be huge... Much more focused action, shorter action time as others involved in your planning will have enough time to get on board and know what is expected from them therefore not creating delays.

3. Leverage your buying power

A most companies will be looking at saving costs and going into lockdown, this may be the best time ever for you to leverage your buying power. Pay now and execute later.

Obviously because you are paying now you can negotiate discounts. This in itself has a domino effect: You may be helping a small business keep it's doors open, you will be the company hero for managing your budget well and you will be keeping the economy ticking over rather than exacerbating the problem.

It really is time for South Africa to think out of the box- are you up for these leadership discussions?

@ Debbie Engelbrecht 2020

Debbie is the MD at Staff Training, providing soft skills and leadership training for South Africans since 2000. Should you wish for Staff Training to put together an annual training package for you covering aspects of management, wellness and self-mastery, please email info@stafftraining.co.za

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