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Published: 16th of Feb 2017 by: Staff Reporter

Making a lasting first impression, but its very nature, is something you get to do just once with each person you meet. So how do you ensure it's great one?

Being able to make a great first impression, especially for leaders and managers, is of the utmost importance. The initial impression someone gets of you very often determines the tone of your relationship, so for leaders it is crucial that the right message gets across every time.

Most people think that getting someone to like you and engage with you means getting them talking about themselves - if you ask a lot of questions and show a genuine interest in what they have to say, they’ll like you.

While this is somewhat true, there’s more to it than that. We’ve all been in a conversation that felt more like an interview than a chat. No sooner have you finished speaking before another follow-up question has been fired your way, and it’s gets tiring very quickly.

Asking questions is great, but these need to be interspersed with glimpses of you. Whether you find common ground and shared interests with this person, or conversely show an unwavering commitment to your own values - even when these conflict with those of the person you’re talking to - it helps to build respect.

And that’s how you make a great first impression: you give the person you’re talking to a reason to care enough to answer your questions, to get engaged. If there’s no mutual respect, it’s going to feel a lot more like an interview than a conversation.

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