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Published: 14th of Mar 2018 by: Staff Writer

Staff Training's most advanced leadership seminar, 3 Day Leadership +, will be taking place in Durban on the 23rd to 25th of May - be sure to book your seats now!

At Staff Training one of things we’re most passionate about is Leadership Training. Setting our South African leaders up with the skills and tools they need to make successes of their companies, teams and departments is one of things that really gets our blood pumping!

Our SETA Accredited 3 Day Leadership + workshop, featuring tools and theories adapted to the South African leader as well as globally recognised tools such as the Enneagram, are what sets this highly interactive three-day workshop apart from the rest.

Leaders at this jam-packed workshop first complete a personalised online pre-workshop questionnaire, producing a report tailored to the individual. Armed with this personalised report leaders then explore and break down the following concepts (among others):

• What is Leadership?
• When to Lead and When to Manage?
• The Different Forms of Leadership
• The Teams Leadership Approach
• Improving Group Dynamics and Achieving Objectives
• Evaluating the Impact of Leadership Techniques on Organisational Requirement
• Using Profiling and Coaching to Enhance Your Leadership Abilities

Leaders walk away from this intensive three-day training session with the following:

• A clear idea of what is expected of them as South African leaders
• An in-depth understanding of themselves and their preferred leadership style
• A better understanding of the individuals in their teams
• Ideas that can be immediately implemented in the organisation for increased effectiveness

We find attendees at this training course quickly benefit from:

• Increased team cohesion
• More speedily resolved conflict/less conflict in general
• Greater confidence in themselves and their teams
• Greater team productivity
• Better team communication

This not-to-be-missed training workshop, taking place on the 23rd to the 25th of May 2018 is accredited by Services SETA and offers learners 12 credits - SETA Assessments are available at an additional fee.

Book your seat for this popular workshop now! Bookings can be made at by on this page, or by calling 0861 996 660. For more info please drop us an email.

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