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Published: 10th of Aug 2018 by: Carolyn Kessler

Although I have written this blog in a light hearted way, I’m fully aware of how easy it is to lose oneself in activities which don’t take us toward our goals or reduce our stress.

We need to opt out of our daily rat-race and take a long hard look at whether or not we’re actually enjoying our down time; it’s impossible to sustain our frenetic pace if we aren’t allowing our brains to rest and rejuvenate.

This is something that comes up time and again during our Stress and Time workshops.

I can easily get bogged down in Facebook. So much so, I’ve made a concerted effort to time myself and then beat myself for not sticking to my unbreakable rule: No Facebook before bedtime!

There’s a kind of hypnotic effect which overtakes us when running through innumerable posts – even when the vast majority (mine included), aren’t particularly enlightening. Similar to how I’d expect gambling to feel – if I just see what the next post in my new feed says, I may actually hit a winner….and I may be able to justify to myself why I spent half an hour absorbing banal, trite and profoundly un-profound comments.
And if that’s not bad enough, I turn out the light and spend a goodly portion of my final awake time editing said comments in my head!

It’s not sleep inducing either. The ‘Committee of Perfection’ that lives rent free inside my head, has a field day shredding all my attempts at adding some sort of intrinsic significance to something that is actually unsalvageable! Too often I sit up, turn on the light and grab a notepad in an effort to order my thoughts! And we say Millennials are addicted to their phones?

Having black-balled Facebook in the first few paragraphs of this blog, I now have to present the other side of the coin. (At least my squatting ‘Committee’
Insists only a balanced view is permissible.)

In truth, I do derive enjoyment during my aimless wanders through my news feeds etc. I get to satiate my curiosity about all sorts of things from politics (don’t recommend this subject matter), to how to organise my shoe cupboard, to ‘20 of the most sinister photographs ever taken’, to ‘How we’re killing our planet’ and so on. It gives me the opportunity to learn about all sorts of unconnected things, and this I love.

There’s a real draw-back however. I want to go into subject matter in detail, and become really irritated when a scant amount of information is spread across twenty ad filled pages! But, it does whet my appetite and then there’s always YouTube to delve into……

On a lighter note, I’m hooked on the animal videos. Simply never tire of them. I also love hearing about what my scattered friends and family have been up to. I have subscribed to some very interesting pages with information pertinent to my work. In fact, I have discovered a treasure trove of people to whom I listen as a result of having them offered to me on Facebook. This is not to be sneezed at.

But it is addictive. No doubt about that. Researchers have found that our ‘feel good hormones’ are released during the process of peering into other peoples’ lives, both past and present.

As with anything, it’s all about being the consumer and not the consumee. There’s a world of benefit for the discerning ‘Facebooker’, and discernment is what it’s all about.

Right here is where time/self-management kicks in.

If you’re wasting your time and need to get a handle on it –join our Stress and Time Management workshop.
We’re real people who suffer real problems, and our workshops are built around dealing with issues common to everyone in a relevant and applicable manner. Oh, and you’ll have to put your phones on silent…just saying!

Staff Training is a soft skills training provider. Be a part of the Staff Training experience, contact us at 0861 996 660 for more info on the Stress and Time Management workshop.

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