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Published: 6th of Mar 2020 by: Carolyn Kessler

Exceeding expectations is what we do when we go above and beyond our job spec. It's what turns average or 'good enough' into excellent

In application, it looks something like this:

Sipho is setting up the boardroom for the AGM the next day. He's covered all the bases technologically, seating-wise and food-wise. He's also compiled an impressive pack of information which will be laid out at each participant's place setting.

He's about to leave, it's knocking off time after-all, when his colleague, June, comes in and leafs through the information packs. She points out that Sipho hasn't included some information which the delegates generally need. He shows her the example packs from the previous years, which he's used as a precedent when compiling the new ones. They didn't include this content.

She tells him not to worry, because his predecessor often left things out and the delegates grumbled a bit, but found a way of calling it up on their laptops, so this group can just cope with that.

Sipho is horrified. He would hate to put them to any inconvenience and believes it's his job to ensure the packs are complete. So he hops on the computer and retrieves, formats and prints the relevant documents.

When he's finally finished he sees that he's worked an extra couple of hours overtime, but feels good because the meeting will run more smoothly tomorrow.

He's put in discretionary effort. He could have done a half-hearted job, the delegates were obviously used to scrabbling around for information. But that's not how he operates.

Jokes aside, going the extra mile is all about getting out what you put in.

If you're disengaged enough to work to rule, you're going to end up disliking your job and yourself. You see, it's not only the company that benefits when you give that little bit more, your self-image also stands up and takes a bow! We feel good when we do good!! (Excuse the incorrect grammar, but it reads well!)

So next time you think good enough is actually enough, ask yourself if you'd like an employee of yours to exhibit this type of attitude. If not, stop selling yourself short - it's immensely satisfying when you meet your own high standards!

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