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Published: 13th of May 2009 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

In tough economic times it is essential that we use our money very wisely.

At Staff Training we want to suggest that you DO NOT invest in training when:

1. You do not have total buy-in and commitment from the trainee on the development and implementation of key skills
2. You are uncertain of your desired and or possible outcome of the training
3. You are not prepared to see this training session as both motivational and educational, in other words, recognise that the staff see and appreciate the effort that goes into the venue.
4. You are dead set against implementation of new, innovative and sustainable ideas and methods, some that may require a certain amount of risk and consequence.
5. You are not prepared to hold the trainee accountable for implementation of new skills and knowledge and measure the return on investment.

Ask the questions
Assess the situation
Address the correct training needs

Right now, the world is in a tough negotiation. Everyone has to negotiate for their piece of the pie. One of the factors in a negotiation going stale is to change the venue. I am suggesting that right now, it's time to either DO something on your piece of track, or get off it altogether, because sitting there will simply mean that you could get run over.

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