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Published: 17th of Jun 2022 by: Staff Writer

Confidence plays a huge role in how we interact with the world around us.

Unfortunately, we don't always realise how our habits and body language can very easily portray a very different message to the world than what we were aiming for.

For example, you have a presentation that you worked hard on, and you feel confident and prepared. But, you look at your cards or slides a lot, not really making eye-contact with your "audience". Or perhaps, because of the adrenaline associated with this task, you're speaking very fast and rushing through your presentation without realising. While you might have hoped your co-workers would see you as confident and well prepared, they might instead perceive you as nervous and insecure.

Now what about situations where you don't feel confident? Fun fact: looking confident is a great way to trick your brain into feeling more confident!

There are a few things we can do to help ourselves in both situations mentioned above. Let's look at 4 quick steps we can take to look and feel more confident:

1. Chin up, shoulders back

It's become such a habit for so many of us to look down at the floor while walking. Whether we're walking into the boardroom for our next meeting or walking down the street, we tend to look at our feet, lost in thought.
Focus on keeping your head up and stand tall - good posture is such a powerful tool and a sure way to look confident.

2. Make eye contact

Making eye contact is sooo important! When I observe people around me, whether in a meeting or social setting, I tend to notice whether they make eye contact with the people they are conversing with.
Avoiding eye contact instantly makes you look insecure and unsure.

Now I'm not saying you need to have a stare down with every person who walks past you on the street, but don't be afraid of making eye-contact!

Make eye contact when you're presenting a new idea, make eye contact when you're telling someone how great your weekend was, and especially with your "audience" during your next presentation. Not only does this make people think you are a super confident person, but it also helps you connect with the people.

3. Put on your power-suit

Have you ever put on a pair of shoes or that new jacket and felt super confident and powerful while wearing it? Yeah, me too! So why not use that to your advantage? Wear the shoes, the jacket, get your nails done or get that haircut... Whatever works for you, because if it make you feel confident you will look confident.

4. Don't rush

Quite often our nerves are given away purely by the fact that we are speeding through our words. Breathe, slow down... Not only will this help you keep up with your thoughts, but it will help you come across as someone who is self-assured and confident.

So, the next time you want to look and feel confident, we hope you can make use of these 4 tips. And hey, remember to believe in yourself and your abilities. Don't limit yourself with negative thoughts. Stay positive and stay confident!

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