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Published: 21st of Jan 2019 by: Debbie

Let's take a look at 4 ways it benefits you, your employees and your company to join us for training in 2019...

1. There is a direct correlation between training your workforce and retaining them. You would not for example play the game of cricket without first learning and understanding the rules. These clear guidelines are easy to pass along with inhouse or on the job training.

2. Staying with the game of cricket you are likely to improve your skill through specialised coaching...It is exactly the same for an employee… External trainers have access to the latest trends and information, a more formalised approach to learning as such and are therefore able to add value to the skills, and ultimately the team’s end game.

3. Who of us can forget that spectacular over that Herschelle Gibs scored against Australia in 2006? The headlines read 666666, imagine if he never got credit, accolades and applause for that… What would that have done to his sense of accomplishment? Made it just another day in the office? Training people helps them to succeed, when they succeed we are able to thank them appropriately adding to their sense of self-worth and accomplishment – both of which are imperative to a thriving, innovative and engaged work force.

4. And finally we all like to support a winning team, winning teams are constantly on the look out to improve their competitive edge, according to the Association for Talent Development (ATD) a survey undertaken across 565 companies and a three year period, shows that companies who train generate a staggering 218% higher income per employee than companies who do not. Not only that but they also show a 24% increase in profit margins.

At Staff Training we have much face to face contact with the delegates, I.e. those being trained. A lot of our business is return business so we often see the same delegates over a period of a few years. Nearly without exception these individuals have been promoted, are excited about not only the jobs they do, but also about the goals of the companies they work for. They feel valued and they take personal pride in their own growth as much as they take pride in what their company is achieving. We get to see photos of their families and pets, the new car and homes they invest in and we see nearly without exception individuals hungry for knowledge.
Knowledge that keeps them batting for a winning team.

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