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Published: 16th of Jan 2019 by: Staff Writer

Electing to work smartly, definitely assists our productivity. But how do we do this?

Below are 4 tips to help you be more productive:

1. To-do list
Yeah, you know what needs to be done. But actually seeing the list and being able to tick things off as you complete them is the best feeling ever.

2. Prioritize
It's easy to feel overwhelmed when your to-do list starts growing, so avoid the unnecessary stress and prioritize your tasks! Remember what is important is not always urgent and vice versa.

3. Deadlines
Set deadlines for yourself. If you give yourself too much time to get something done you leave way too much room for procrastination to creep in!

4. Declutter
It's quite shocking and amazing at the same time how a messy desk/space can mess with your productivity. Get your space organized and you'll get your head organized...

Remember, don't be busy- be productive!

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