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Published: 11th of Feb 2019 by: Debbie Engelbrecht

Did you know that there is a direct correlation between customer care and staff retention?

It's simple really. When you empower your staff with the ability to give better customer care their stress levels are reduced. Reduced stress levels lead to happier employees, who tend to stay longer.

But the reverse is true too. Should you have happy employees, this will translate to better customer service.

Richard Branson is most probably one of the most quoted business leaders on this matter: (https://www.inc.com/oscar-raymundo/richard-branson-companies-should-put-employees-first.html)

What lies at the heart of both of these approaches is very simple:

The ripple effect

Consider the following analogy:

If your company is the pool and each transaction, employee and client is a smooth round pebble, one after the other adding to the movement in the pool, each entering at the same spot, keeping all the ripples concentric and without disruption, you will need to start reinforcing your pool walls, or allow for expansion as the waves will become a force to be reckoned with.
Everyone will be able to build up their fitness levels in a systematic and sustainable way, continuing to surf the waves.

If your company is however the same size pool and your employees, clients and transactions are randomly entered and thrash about, there is no momentum, all there is, is disruption with the ripple from one of your pebbles being counter- acted and disturbed by the ripple from the others…Until of course a rock so large is thrown in that all water crashes out the sides...but what then will be left?

In this instance, everyone gets exhausted from having to fight the turbulent waters and undercurrents and soon they start drowning – or in the case of the large rock already having entered the pool, there is simply not sufficient water to keep them afloat.

It’s simple really, if you have not started your training for 2019, it is well worth your while to contact the Staff Training Sales Team!

2019 may well just be your year to invest in Customer Care training and join the likes of those organisations who show a 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors.

Staff Training is a South African soft skills training provider with more than 60 workshops on offer. Email us at info@StaffTraining.co.za for more info or give us a call at 0861 996 660

Debbie Engelbrecht is the MD of Staff Training, established in 2001. She is a soft skills facilitator and management coach and strives to enthuse, assist and empower her fellow South Africans wherever she has the skill to do so.

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