Enneagram and Eagala


To empower and develop all delegates and encourage their journey of self-mastery enabling them to exhibit Emotional Intelligence in their daily practices and competencies. This is a practical and informative workshop that requires the delegate to fill in a pre-workshop questionnaire on the Enneagram Self Mastery Tool. A component of this workshop is customised for each individual. The workshop is open to all personnel. As studies show that individuals with improved emotional intelligence are likely to be four times as successful as their equal IQ counterparts, this workshop is a must!


Why do these two modalities work so well together?

There is global recognition that well-balanced and emotionally intelligent people make the best leaders, team members and employees. Both these modalities encourage self-awareness, allowing for better decision making.

One of the fundamental principles of the Eagala model is that our clients have the solutions to their own problems. The model aims to facilitate an environment in which clients can physically see and experience these solutions in the external world.

Similarly, the Enneagram recognises that clients have various options to choose from when responding to situations. It aims to make clients aware of how their personal motivation impacts on how they choose to behave, thereby highlighting the possibility for alternative responses and decisions.

Download our course outline for more information about both the Enneagram and Eagala.


What is Eagala?

A solution-focused therapeutic and personal development model, in which the equine species forms an integral part of the development process. Eagala is the only one of its kind with a Code of Ethics and the necessary protocols to ensure that it is followed.

Why Horses

The human-horse relationship has existed for over 5000 years and the past 100 years have seen an increase in the structured use of horses for personal development. Horses are highly sensitive herd animals with a well-developed flight instinct, making them experts at picking up on non-verbal and often at times subconscious language, thoughts and behavioural patterns. In equine-assisted personal development, the horses provide instant, candid and non-judgemental feedback on client behaviour. In doing so they highlight client goals, challenges and team dynamics. By using horses as part of the process, the Eagala Model puts the abstract into the physical, external space which can be seen, felt and most importantly, changed.

Eagala for Teams
Horses have an innate need to work as a cohesive group in order to survive. These instincts give them an uncanny ability to pick up on and highlight group dynamics in people.

What is Enneagram?

A framework that helps us to understand the nine different lenses through
which individuals view the world. Our individual view of the world is driven
by both conscious and subconscious motivation, leading to the behaviour,
self-talk, conflict handling, management and communication styles we
choose to employ. It is common for us to get 'stuck' in one of the lenses. This
stops us from seeing the value and potential of all 9 lenses that allow for
better decision making.

The Enneagram diagnostic tool is designed to assist the individual in quickly
identifying their preferred lens and subsequently recognising the impact of
viewing through that lens. Understanding our own lens and that of others
immediately gives us additional behaviours to choose from. This leads to
improved levels of self-mastery and interpersonal skills. and better results
through emotionally intelligent leadership.

The Enneagram for Teams

Each team member receives their individual Enneagram report. In addition
the team receives a report that highlights how the various styles of the
individuals support or hinders certain team values. The report provides the
the impetus for developing the 'missing' strengths and reducing the
weaknesses in a team.

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