Personal Efficiency Maximised


This is for everyone who is keen to effect change in the workplace. Everyone who is part of a team, a unit, a group, a company and who has any role to play in the economy of a country. The workshop is designed to empower and motivate and lead individuals to a point of maximised efficiency using a coaching approach.


What is Accountability?

We operate from the viewpoint that accountability is the greatest gift you can possibly give yourself

Progression of Leadership

Understanding that great leaders assume great responsibility

Identifying BASE Questions and Behaviour

Recognising that the questions we ask ourselves often donít take us forward

Exploring Levels of Accountability

It takes a community to raise a child

What is 'The Choice?

Victim or Victor

Identifying FASE Questions and Behaviour

Learning how to rephrase our questions to get maximum benefit from them. Positive identification of the next step.

Making the Transition from Base to Fame

Putting it into perspective on a daily basis

Reflective Diary Tool

Recognising our behavioural patterns and how they often do not serve us well

It's Inside

Seeing our own strength and worth

Ownership Ė What is it?

Working with locus of control

Encouraging a Culture of Accountability

Making the circle bigger


This workshop is an essential tool for those wanting to reach their full capacity.

There are too many of us who come up with excuses for not achieving that which we would like to. Personal efficiency assists us in identifying some of our own stumbling blocks and gives us the tools to use so that we can move forward.

This workshop has proven to be most successful when presented inhouse at either management or departmental level, because it helps not only the individuals to identify their own blocks, but also helps departments to identify theirs.

So don't delay, call us now and enquire about a trainer coming to your organisation.

"It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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