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Workshops addressing: Management and Leadership

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Duration: 3-Days

To apply leadership concepts in a work context using the Enneagram Self-Mastery tool to effectively develop leadership ability. A portion of this workshop is customised to the individual, enabling them to quickly identify their own areas of expertise and challenges.

Many case studies are analysed to assist the delegate with application of the theory. This workshop involves pre-course preparation and the delegates can expect to have some after-hours work whilst the workshop is in session.

Duration: 1-Day

To educate supervisors, team leaders, junior and middle management on the basic requirements of good management. Very few companies fail because the workers did not do their jobs correctly.

Most teams, departments and organisations fail because the management and leadership failed to do their jobs correctly. Management and Leadership training delivers exceptional ROI. The question you have to ask is 'Can we afford not to do this?'

Duration: 1-Day

This workshop is the perfect follow up to Developing Your Management Potential I and further assists managers in their role of developing and leading a team, department or company concentrating on more specific business tools and theories. In all cases we try to encourage the learners to bring their own challenges to the table.

Duration: 1-Day

This workshop is designed to further assist managers in their role as developers and leaders of a department and/or company concentrating on further tools of measurement and methodologies. It works well as a follow up to its two predecessors. The focus in this workshop is on providing theories to improve vision and decision making.

Duration: 2-Days

To empower and develop delegates and encourage their journey of self-mastery enabling them to exhibit Emotional Intelligence in their daily practices and competencies.

This is a practical and informative workshop that requires the delegate to fill in a pre-workshop questionnaire on the Enneagram Self Mastery Tool. A component of this workshop is customised for each individual.

Duration: 1-Day

To assist managers with the knowledge to build and motivate a team through motivational theory, generational and group dynamic knowledge and solid feedback techniques.

A motivated staff member is more likely to stay and in times of skills shortage, staff retention becomes imperative.

Duration: 2-Days

To empower and develop delegates and enable them to use their knowledge and skills to the fullest, practically and effectively.

This workshop includes a one hour pre-course questionnaire for individual Enneagram reporting.

The Enneagram is arguably the most valuable self-mastery tool available to us today. The Staff Training facilitators are also Enneagram accredited life and leadership coaches.

Duration: 2-Days

This workshop will assist the learners to recognise what work-life balance is and why it is important.

Also to recognise their personal warning signs for when the balance is thrown out and how to address the various areas that will need attention. The workshop is holistic and includes a realistic take on both employer and employee's needs.

Duration: 2-Days

This workshop is for supervisors and team leaders, the main aim is to assist them with coaching their team to success in a collaborative fashion.

Leaders who are able to coach rather than instruct are able to develop more positive teams and tend to do particularly well when leading Generation Y and in a team's leadership position.

Duration: ½-Day

Within the next decade 50% of our workforce will comprise Generation Y employees.

We need to know how to motivate, communicate with and harness the enormous potential that this generation has to offer.

In addition we need to attract and retain their skills in an open and highly mobile international market environment. They are our future!

Duration: 2-Days

To understand the importance of strategically leading change in an organisation. Ineffective change management leads to a breakdown of strategy which in turn impacts negatively on the outcome.

From a leadership perspective the specific circumstances that go along with change need to be identified, understood and effectively addressed.

Duration: 2-Days

This is a highly interactive workshop covering every aspect of office administration.

It is specifically targeted at office administrators, personal assistants and employees who are responsible for a variety of duties, all of which are essential to the smooth running of the department or company as a whole.

Duration: 1-Day

This is for everyone who is keen to effect change in the workplace. Everyone who is part of a team, a unit, a group, a company and who has any role to play in the economy of a country.

The workshop is designed to empower and motivate and lead individuals to a point of maximised efficiency using a coaching approach.

Duration: ½-Day

The purpose of this workshop is to explain the concept of motivation and its importance in enhancing performance levels.

Explaining and applying theories of motivation in a leadership context. Explain techniques to enhance self-motivation and leadership performance and apply strategies to motivating others in a leadership context.

Duration: 2-Days

This workshop is designed to be attended by teams. Any size from two upward to 15 maximum.

The Enneagram is a leading personal development tool and has been adapted to mathematically and scientifically calculate the tendencies and group dynamics in a team. Using team reports our accredited facilitators are able to help and guide the team leaders to eliminate behaviour-based risks.




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