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SDL Contributors can claim back the cost of training undertaken through our organisation - subject to the SETA regulations
Keeping it Simple

We have found that a number of our clients are uncertain about the claiming procedure when it comes to the Skills Development Levy.

You contribute to the Skills Development Levy every month along with your UIF and PAYE contributions.

This SDL was implemented by the SA government to provide a monetary incentive for companies to train their staff. You train, you pay (the trainer and SDL), you claim back a percentage of your training costs from the SETA.

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How do you claim back your training expenses?

for a full report from Services Seta click here

Do you contribute SDL every month and not know how to go about claiming from the SETAs?

Claiming made easy.............

Appoint a Skills Development Facilitator.

This is a person (internal or external) who will be responsible for identifying the training requirements inside your organisation.

The SDF must submit a plan to your SETA. This plan is called a Workplace Skills Plan.

Now simply implement your plan. For example you will send 5 of your junior managers on our "Developing Management Potential" workshops.

At the end of the year, submit an Annual training report (ART) to your SETA, specifiying your compliance with your own Workplace Skills Plan.

This qualifies you for a percentage rebate on funds contributed to the SDL.

There are some additional criteria that are brought into the equation.
For example is your training provider accredited with SETA or pending accrediation?

The deadlines for submission of the WSP
Do you contribute to the SDL?

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A portion of the percentage rebate is mandatory

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Our Seta Accreditation is pending.
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