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Encore Conference Center, Northlink College, Panorama, Cape Town


Ferndale Guest Lodge, Ferndale, Johannesburg
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Advanced Communications Workshop

Course Structure

Basic communication overview

Understanding People DISC Client approach

Body Language Analysis

Setting boundaries / Assertiveness

Understanding and working with criticism

Understanding your own prejudices

Communicating with superiors

Authority Levels

This workshop is for

Those who have a minimum of 5 years working experience, or who have attended our customer care workshop.

Not available as an open workshop in Johannesburg.

For public workshops at the Encore Conference Center, Cape Town

Assertiveness Skills Training

Course Structure

What is Assertiveness?

What is it not?

Getting to know and understand people!

Personality types - Understanding yourself

Handling conflict and aggression

Giving and Accepting criticism

Being Assertive at Work

Assertiveness Techniques

Confidence and good self-esteem

This workshop is for

Any person who would like to improve their assertivenes

For public workshops at the Ferndale Lodge, Johannesburg
For public workshops at the Encore Conference Center, Cape Town

Business Writing Skills

Course Structure

The Six C's of Business Writing Skills

Opening and Closing Formats

. Getting the right tone to your business letter

. Writing in Plain English

Using business terminology and grammar correctly

Writing powerful headings

E-mail specifics

This workshop is for

Call Center Agents and Client Support Personnel

Only available as inhouse workshops

Customer Care Training

Course Structure

Taking a moment to reflect.
What do you believe in and what motivates you?

Attitude and aptitude - is it a myth?
Practical applications

Confidence Building -hints, tips, exercises

Determining your personal vision

Exploring the psyche of a customer.

Effective communication skills
(3 part session)

Developing your skills levels.

Exploring the psyche of your colleagues.

How self responsibility can change your attitude to life! (motivational)

This workshop is for:

Inbound Call Center Operators
Inhouse retail staff
Receptionists and Secretaries
Middle Management
Any person who has interaction with the public in their working environment.

Not available as an open workshop in Johannesburg.

For public workshops at the Encore Conference Center, Cape Town

Developing Your Management Potential

Course Structure

What are the attributes of a good manager?

Making the transition from worker to manager

Understanding people

Understanding your management style

Understanding your role in the organisation

Setting goals and standards

Empowering by delegation

Failing to learn

Arbitration and mediation

Organisation and time management

This workshop is for

Junior Managers
Promotion Candidates

For public workshops at the Ferndale Lodge, Johannesburg

For public workshops at the Encore Conference Center, Cape Town

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Wow! What have you done? The delegates are returning to work on a high.........and have sustained it for weeks now! The directors have requested that we continue to use your services on an inhouse basis for the remainder of 2003 and the whole of 2004! Well done!

Client Service ~May 2003.

Thank you! As usual your approach is refreshing and I am exhausted from all the new data my mind has to process!

Management Skills Training ~August 2004

I want to thank you for you extreme patience in helping me overcome (mostly my own) sales barriers. It has been ages since I laughed, learnt and earned as much as during the past month!

Telesales Training ~ March 2003
Proposed Schedule of Dates for the remainder of 2004


Encore Conference Center
Northlink College
Rothschild Avenue

Cape Town

Ferndale Lodge
Pine Road

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In addition to the course material being collated from various sources, authors and individuals with many years experience and knowledge to their advantage, the speakers are all professionals with a tremendous amount of expertise to share with you!

Our workshops are motivational and informative with interaction from the floor being a priority!

We are all real people with real problems and real requirements. These are addressed in real terms with real solutions.

No "up in the air" razzmatazz to inflate pricing and baffle the brain! We have a unique method of presentation which is extremely successful - an 85% "excellence" rating by attending delegates to date!

Join our existing base of extremely satisfied clients and sign up for the next seminar today!!

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employee skills development training

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I have never had so much fun in my life and I was absolutely terrified to go to the workshop at first!

Thank You!

Frontline November 2005!

I have been doing presentations for the last 20 years and before tea time I realised that I was learning more than I had in a long time!

Thank you for your refreshing approach to life!

Presentation Skills - November 2005!