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- Adult Basic Education and Training
BCEA - Basic Conditions of Employment Act
CCMA - Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration
DoL - Department of labour
EEA - Employment Equity Act
ESDA - Employment and Skills Development Agency
ETDP - Education and Training Development Practitioner
ETQA - Education and Training Quality Assurance
HRD - Human Resource Development
HRDS - Human Resources Development Strategy
IIP - Investors in People
ILO - International Labour Organisation
LRA - Labour Relations Act
LSS - Learnership Support Service
LMSDP - Labour Market Skills Development Programme
MOA - Memorandum of Agreement
MOU - Memorandum of Understanding
NEDLAC - National Economic Development and Labour Council
NEF - National Economic Forum
NQF - National Qualifications Framework
NSA - National Skills Authority
NSB - National Standards Body
NSDS - National Skills Development Strategy
NSF - National Skills Fund
OBE - Outcomes Based Education
PFMA - Public Finance Management Act
RDP - Reconstruction and Development Programme
RPL - Recognition of Prior Learning
SAQA - South African Qualifications Authority
SARS - South African Revenue Service
SDA - Skills Development Act
SDF - Skills Development Facilitator
SDLA - Skills Development Levies Act
SDPU - Skills Development Planning Unit (DoL)
SETA - Sector Education and Training Authority
SGB - Standards Generating Body
SIC - Industry Code
SME - Small Medium Enterprise
SMME - Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise
SOC - Standard Occupational Category
SP - Service Provider
SSP - Sector Skills Plan
WSP - Workplace Skills Plan
WSPIG - Workplace Skills Implementation Grant
WSPIR - Workplace Skills Plan Implementation Report
WSPAT - Workplace Skills Plan After Training Report