Upliftment Tool

At Staff Training we are passionate about upliftment programmes, about learning and progressing, below are a number of tools, suggestions, papers and resources that you may need or want in the near future.

We live in what is sometimes described as a harsh country. The quality of life for the vast majority of South Africans is not that great. Many talents go unnoticed and many individuals do not have the confidence to "sell" themselves. If you are in the position to assist an individual with an upliftment programme, make yourself available as a mentor.

We have included a free download for you to give such an individual a possible entry into the formal economy. This download is geared towards the upliftment of a housekeeping employee to the reception position.

Did you know that of all the receptionists that we train, approximately 50% say that their performance is inhibited by the fact that they are not confident expressing themselves in English? The result is therefore that they neither offer information, nor clarify instructions. This is particularly prevalent in Gauteng and in Cape Town City Bowl and Northern Suburbs.

Other Downloads