Corona Virus

Staff Training's COVID-19 Precautions and Solutions

At Staff Training we care about your health and safety!

We have taken certain precautions relating to the COVID-19 virus, as we want to ensure a safe training environment for all

These include:

- Training small groups of 10 or less at a time at our open-hosted venues

- Our trainers have been asked to submit affidavits stating that they have not recently travelled internationally, been in contact with recent travellers and are not displaying any Flu or Covid-19 symptoms

- Inhouse workshops are still available, we will work with you to ensure it is done safely

- Delegate precautions:
The Staff Training logistics team will check with all delegates late afternoon on the day before training, what their status is as well as what their known exposure has been in the previous 72 hours

Our training venues have been asked to have the following procedures in place:
- Health screening and briefing of internal staff

- Sterilising the training venue and any other area the delegates might come into contact with on a regular basis throughout the day (this includes tables, chairs, door handles, light switches and toilets)

- Hand sanitizers on each table

Some of our venues have already confirmed the above measures, as well as temperature scanning when delegates arrive, tea and lunch time (By use of Infrared Digital Thermometers which they have ordered, pending delivery)

Temporary suspension of postponement policy:

Due to excellent supplier relations we have been able to suspend our postponement policy. Please note this does not apply to cancellations. We will keep you updated as things progress, you are also more than welcome to contact us should you have any additional questions or require more info on our courses.

Online offerings:

Have a training deadline? Browse our online offerings to see if there is a workshop that suits you. Get ahead of the curve, now that you have the time.

Use our voucher system:

Need to get ahead of your budget spend? Use our voucher system to purchase your training and confirm training once there is more certainty, you can even book and pay now and use it as an opportunity to test your(and our) negotiation skills!

For more information, visit the official Covid-19 Portal.