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Published: 2017-03-13 10:25:02. Originally by: Carolyn Kessler.
Do you enjoy your work? Are you aware of how much your attitude affects how you experience the time you spend at the office each day?


We all know how our attitude affects our home life. If we’re in a foul mood at home it colours all the interactions we have with those who share our space.

We spend a lot of our time seeking out fun activities during our off-time and enjoy spending them with our favourite people. In order to achieve this, we ensure we have the right approach to those around us, we check our behaviour because we understand the impact it has and we often make a conscious decision to ‘find the fun’.

Why should it be any different when we’re at work?

Well, it shouldn’t – we need to put in the same effort at the workplace. We should be approaching this time with an attitude which facilitates a pleasant work environment. It’s a choice we need to make!

You’ve chosen to enjoy your work if you agree with the following statements most of the time - remember we all have our off days:

1) You are open to learning new things and practising the skills required to carry them out effectively.

2) You are not just a spectator. You believe that what you do can and does impact positively on the desired outcome. In short, you are prepared to get involved and accept responsibility – your motto is never: “It’s not my job!”

3) You look for solutions to problems – viewing difficult situations as opportunities to learn. You don’t get bogged down in apportioning blame.

4) You are a team player – up front, courteous, authentic, honest, trust worthy.

5) You go home most days believing you’ve made a positive difference in your life and those of your colleagues.

6) You’re proud of your achievements, but never arrogant. Arrogance is a symptom of insecurity – a way of ensuring our colleagues know they are less than we are.

7) You treat people with respect and generally feel respected.

8) You’re too involved in your work to spend time gossiping about colleagues.

9) You don’t compromise yourself by behaving badly even when it is one of those days! You’re a realist and understand that not every day is going to be a picnic!

10) You’re able to be you most of the time and, even when things are chaotic, you find time to introduce a sense of fun to the workplace.

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