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Published: 2017-08-23 14:38:01. Originally by: Carolyn Kessler.
Our attitude to life and its challenges is influenced by a number of things, such as our experiences to date, our understanding of our core personality type, and our ability to assess and modify our reactions in any given situation, are some of the most important.


For instance, depending on whether or not our experience of change, both at work and in our personal lives, has been mostly positive, (despite our fears), we are likely to be more open to new suggestions. Why? Because we have gained an innate understanding of how we are likely to react. If, however, we find ourselves blindsided by our reactions, unable to see past our confusion, we are likely to run from any form of change as fast as we possibly can!

I am the type of person who enjoys the prospect of new things, but often doubts her ability to cope effectively. Most of the time, my anxieties do not prove real. In fact, never have I crashed and burned as spectacularly as I had imagined I would. This realisation is something that I bring to bear when I can feel myself getting caught up in my belief that I don’t have the resources with which to cope.

My ability to recognise my reaction for what it is and choose not to allow it to hinder my progress, has been bolstered through gaining an understanding of who I am and what makes me tick.

The Enneagram self-mastery tool has been integral to my personal growth; in fact, we’ve had lots of feedback from delegates saying that it has literally changed their lives.

This methodology speaks directly to the motivation behind our behaviour and as such, helps us to gain a highly beneficial and less judgemental view of ourselves. With knowledge comes the ability to promote clear thinking and freedom from self-destructive behaviour patterns.

You see, lack of knowledge about ourselves often manifests as fear when we’re faced with new situations, for example. It is rooted in the belief that we won’t be able to control the process or outcome of a new experience. When we’re operating from a base of fear, our behaviour is influenced negatively. Gaining an understanding of what the “committee in our head” is likely to be telling us, grants us the opportunity to see it for what it is. Once we have identified exactly why we feel threatened, we are able to prevent baseless anxieties from dictating our actions. We are also able to identify those anxieties which are not baseless and mitigate against their becoming a reality.

The in-depth knowledge which is provided by the Enneagram, helps to put you in the driving seat, in control. Once you are in control, you can decide how you are going to approach the situation – you’re acting rather than reacting.

This is why people say the Enneagram has changed their lives – not because it’s the latest hyped up self-help tool – (it’s been around a long time and is used by many huge companies internationally) - but because it is a tried and tested method of assessing our strengths, challenges and opportunities.

We have a number of courses which include the Enneagram, including Enneagram with Team Development, Three Day Leadership and Enneagram and Emotional Intelligence.

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