Soft Skills: What's the Big Deal? -
Published: 2019-03-15 10:33:04. Originally by: Carolyn Kessler.
Soft skills are the 'oil' that keeps the machinery of companies running smoothly.


They are the skills which allow us to effectively communicate our needs, understand the needs of others and implement this knowledge in a healthy manner.

They cover the broad subject of ‘human behaviour’ or, as our parents referred to them, our manners and ability to work co-operatively with our colleagues and/or clients!

These are the skills we need to employ to communicate in a way that encourages team work; they facilitate our being able to set boundaries in a calmly assertive manner and are the bedrock of self-mastery leading to self-regulation and personal growth. Learning how to manage our time more efficiently so that we are able to prioritise and avoid procrastination is a soft skill. As is the art of managing people in order to bring out their giftings and build their level of engagement to a point where high productivity is the final outcome.

A company can have all the vision in the world, but if senior management can’t communicate their aspirations to their staff in a way that ‘speaks’ to their staff, their company will not succeed.

Conversely, if your employees are unable to deal with their dissatisfaction in a constructive manner, the best managers in the world are going to have a hard time building a healthy, productive team.

A lack of soft skills will manifest in poor customer service because the links in the chain aren’t working with each other toward a shared goal. An ‘it’s not my job’ attitude will prevail within the department/organisation and everyone loses.

Essentially, soft skills translate into life skills. Can any one of us afford to ignore upskilling of ourselves or employees? Staff Training offer over 60 courses pertaining to developing these skills within you and your organisation. Don’t delay – call us today!

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