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Published: 2019-09-20 10:48:04. Originally by: Debbie Engelbrecht.
At Staff Training we have always been of the opinion that any company with a good induction/on boarding programme will include Sexual Harassment Awareness as part of such a programme. In the process of welcoming new employees into your company it is essential that they become aware of the company culture as well as the policies and procedures.


In many of the face to face sessions we complete, the perpetrators are blissfully unaware of the impact their behaviour has on others. Likewise in many instances those on the receiving end of sexual harassment know that it is not right, but they do not know that what is happening to them is in fact harassment and that they have the ability to address it in ways that do not jeopardise them.

It is for this reason that Staff Training have developed an online Sexual Harassment course that takes but an hour or two to work through and is interspersed with quizzes and questions that the reader has to answer before being able to proceed. At the end of the course there is a certificate of completion.

The advantages of having this certificate on an employee file is that it eliminates the doubt of an "I did not know" argument. It makes decision making in the case of disciplinary hearings much easier. A second advantage is that the complainant has the ability to know their rights and deal with the harassment in a way that is informed and professional. The same applies to management and HR who will all be on the same page and therefore the likelihood of further time consuming CCMA arbitration is diminished.

In addition our years of offering Sexual Harassment Awareness Training has shown us that many senior personnel shy away from the discussions regarding sexual harassment as they are uncomfortable with the emotional side of such a meeting. They could then potentially either laugh it off, trivialise it, ask the complainant if they are sure or even suggest HR as the next port of call, all of these responses giving a message of "I don't care or want to get involved".

For this reason it is critical that all middle and senior managers be trained on the aspect of "How to Manage Sexual Harassment Complaints", ensuring not only that they get the legal and procedural side right, but also the "softer" side.

At Staff Training we offer online courses, as well as half day or full day 'face to face' training options on the subject of Sexual Harassment and we would like to invite your team to join us!

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