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Published: 2018-12-06 14:03:01. Originally by: Carolyn Kessler.
We all reach that stage where our workload feels as if it is swallowing us whole. We cannot even fathom how the pile grew so quickly.


We have our set hours to do our work. How much of that time do we actually spend working? It is easy to delay our time which means that a task takes twice as long to complete. We have to evaluate whether we are using our time effectively or not. Using our time more effectively will enable us to get more work done, thus reducing stress.

These three tips will help you manage your work time better:

1) Stop email watching. The amount of emails we may receive a day is large. We can easily become distracted by answering those emails as soon as each one comes. This is a time waster! Restrict the number of times you view your email daily. You can also spend the first 30 or more minutes of your day on an important task that needs to be done. This ensures that your full effort and attention is directed only towards the task at hand.

2) Practise saying ‘NO’. We sometimes struggle to say no when someone asks something of us even it will add more stress onto ourselves. This added stress stops us from putting all our effort into completing our work to the best of our abilities. Rather offer to help someone with their task once your work is complete or manageable.

3) Determine your most important tasks from your least important tasks. Some tasks may have shorter deadlines or more importance than others. You should rank your tasks with the first task being that which needs your immediate attention and complete those tasks in that rank order.

In order to learn more about managing your time better, our Stress and Time Management workshop aims to assist all employees in their use and distribution of time as a valuable tool in the workplace.

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