Resilience - Why is it so Important? -
Published: 2017-05-29 12:20:02. Originally by: Tamara Benatar.
In a constantly changing world, we often are not in control of many situations that happen in our life. All that we are able to do is control how we react to those unexpected situations.


In the workplace, employees face challenges as their organisation constantly has to change and evolve in order to keep up with the changes in the market place. Therefore, these changes in the organisation can lead to employees showing resistance towards new strategies implemented in the organisation. This is where resilience is important for each individual to develop.

Building up resilience enables you to respond to these unexpected situations. In the workplace, this skill allows you to be able to adapt to changes that occur in the work environment instead of feeling helpless and incompetent. Resilience helps employees to be able to adapt and evolve thus reducing stress as an outcome of those changes.

Building resilience is necessary for every individual in an organisation. It is an important skill for leaders to have as they need to be able to deal with their own work and personal pressures so that they are able to be a role model to those employees who look up to them. It is also important for team members to build this skill as amidst the changes that may be happening in the organisation, they need to remain focused and committed to their task in order for team success.

Four reasons why Staff Training’s Resilience Training is necessary:

1. It will equip the delegate with useful information, practical skills and tools to build resilience in a personal and professional capacity.

2. The delegate will learn how to use these skills to build trust and create positivity within a team.

3. Resilience training is especially helpful to teams experiencing the stress of change and is an important part of change management.

4. The training uses the Enneagram which is currently a highly acclaimed international leadership development tool and is crucial to the individual wanting to build personal and team resilience.

Staff Training presents Resilience Training this course nation-wide. The next course will be happening on the 21st of June 2017. Do not miss out on this opportunity!

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