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Published: 21st of Jul 2017 by: Carolyn Kessler

This is somewhat unfair, but speaks directly to our need to ensure our safety when interacting with someone new.

A recent study by a top university explained this phenomenon.

They found that the two things people sussed out immediately upon meeting someone new were: “Can I trust this person and are they credible?”

All the rest of the image-related stuff that we believe inherent in creating a good impression is completely redundant if, at first, we don’t project a trustworthy persona.

This really flies in the face of all the advice which has been propounded by self-help sales gurus.

For the longest time there has been a belief that, in order to effectively sell yourself and your product, you need to work through scripted sequences. Actually, it’s never been solely about how well you’ve perfected your appearance, know your product or are able to use the correct jargon. Whilst I’m not suggesting that professional presentation is unimportant, the deciding factor on whether or not I’m going to buy whatever you’re selling will be how comfortable you make me feel as a result of your obvious sincerity and authenticity.

We tend to underestimate the humanness inherent in the person with whom we are dealing. This is totally self-defeating when we understand that people deal with people whom they like – the quality of the product or service they’re touting comes a poor second.

With this in mind, remember to bring your whole self into any “sales” situation – allow your vulnerability to show in a manner that telegraphs to the other person: “I’m playing open cards with you, I’m to be trusted”. Your credibility will automatically be established.

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