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Published: 17th of May 2017 by: Debbie Engelbrecht CEO

At Staff Training, we offer a Basic Project Management course. In our opinion, this two day course is essential for everyone in an organisation.

Let me tell you why we say so:

1. A project can be anything ranging from large to small that must be completed – it can range from organising a kid’s birthday party to revamping your filing system, to building a large complex or tiny town for that matter. Basically, every task that you need to take from inception to completion is a project. Even writing this blog is a project.

2. Whether you carry the title of manager or not, if the completion of the project is your duty, you are managing it.

3. Understanding the factors that influence the completion of that project, from time lines to finance or from possible risk to the scope, is essential for successful completion. Have you ever tackled a project at home only to find that you have to run to the hardware store three times to complete it? With good project management that would not be necessary.

4. Those of you with kids that do projects at school, how often do you find that in a group of four, three or two kids one kid simply cruises along? This won’t happen if the project is well managed. It won’t happen at work or at university either. Understanding your team is an essential aspect of project management.

All of the above and a few more factors all impact on the quality and ease with which you deliver your end result. Avoid missing deadlines, delivering incomplete projects, and struggling to get finance through at the last moment. Attend a Basic Project Management course and your life will simply become easier.

© Debbie Engelbrecht is the MD at Staff Training. Staff Training is a leadership and soft skills development company. With workshops including emotional intelligence, personal mastery, tools such as the Enneagram and highly trained and experienced facilitators Staff Training are able to assist you with your change management initiatives. Call 0861 996 660.

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